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Interior Design Consultation

Every project begins with an Initial Design Consultation.

Follow these easy steps to book yours:

  1.  Ensure you have had a Discovery Call with us prior to your consultation.
  2.  Purchase this package.
  3.  Schedule the consultation.
  4.  Gather some inspiration images for your project or send Chiks Design Group an invite to your Pinterest board for the space to be designed.
  5.  Discuss the level of investment or budget with all parties involved in the decision-making for this project.
  6.  Get excited!

This is what you can expect from our Initial Design Consultation:

Cathi will spend 60-90 minutes with you in your home, discussing the area(s) of interest. We can discuss multiple spaces but sometimes it may be best to focus on one area at a time. More complicated projects may require an additional Design Team Member to be present for the consultation.

We want this consultation to benefit you as much as possible - if that means offering you design advice, showing us how you function (or can't function) in the space, or learning about the next steps available for full design service options - we can work on whatever is best for you. If you have certain expectations, please ensure you have made us aware so that we can meet them!

While we are in your home, we will ask questions, take notes, and capture photos so we can continue to think about and work on your project after the consultation. This helps us understand what your needs are and helps when other team members are involved in the process.

Following your consult, we will compile meeting notes, including any recommendations discussed, and email them to you in a PDF for your reference.

How to prepare for the Initial Design Consultation to maximize the benefits:

Gather some inspiration photos - whether from design magazines, Pinterest, etc. - to review with Cathi during your consult. This will help orientate us to your style definition, preferences, and vision.

Discuss with all parties involved in the project (spouse/partner, roommate, family, children, etc.) about your level of investment before Cathi arrives. If you are not 100% settled on a budget, that's okay, but knowing your general investment commitment will make it easier to determine which level of design service will best meet your needs.

It's time to start getting excited!

Your design project will start soon and we will help you love where you live.

Chiks Design Group has an incredibly talented team that can execute your project from concept to completion and now we are one step closer to making your design dreams a reality!